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Giving back to the community is what we strive for as you guys have done tremendously for us.

Pricing is simple. If there is no competition, you have a monopoly and can charge whatever price you want. In a situation with competition, it all comes down to cutting down the middle man to gain more profit. In other words, get the lowest price possible through wholesale to resell at the best price. We buy directly from a manufacturer, so we are able to set whatever price we feel is appropriate. If we were to buy from one retailer and then have to resell, there are rules and restrictions in what we can do. It's nothing new and all of this information is Economics 101.

LEDs 101:

LEDs have been around for ages before E90 and even E46 cars have been around. Nothing about LEDs is complicated or rocket science. It all comes down to what converts and doesn't cause errors. Many ask, "Why does one work while others do not?". We will do our best to educate you guys on why we know our bulbs work. If you search as well, this isn't anything new as other vendors that were here way before 2008 have been selling the same bulbs or similar ones.

The panels we sell have 5050 chips which are one of the brightest chips available. The ones that are dimmer than the 5050 chips are 1210 chips, which we will show examples of as well.

Each 5050 chip = 20 lumens
Each 1210 chip = 7 lumens

40 lumens = 1 Watt Consumption

The reason why 12 LED panels that are all 5050 high powered chips don't fail and don't cause errors is because they consume the exact amount of power as OEM bulbs.

OEM T10 bulbs are 6W. The BMW part number is: 63 21 7 160 908. Please look them up on or various other sites that have OEM BMW bulbs.

12 LED panel = 240 lumens = 6W
18 LED panel = 360 lumens = 9W

When looking at which panels to install, make sure you are using ones with 5050 chips as the 1210 chips don't produce as much light output at all. Even if there are more 1210 chips, it won't necessarily emit more lumens which in turn provides more output.

Attached is a picture of an E60 dome light kit that was given to us as a sample to test out. These use the 1210 chips and you can see how small the LED chips are. These will not fit E90/E92 models because they're shaped differently and the whole front and rear ratios are way off. We posted a video on our You Tube channel showing how they're not compatible on an E9x dome housing.

The whole reason we've upgraded our dome lights from the double sided tape kind is because we wanted more breathing space for the LEDs to cool off as they do tend to get hot. The generic panels that are available from other sources don't seat properly, so we just made something we feel is better. There are less complications with wiring and they're pure plug and play. We still have the older panels available for E93 models and they work just fine.

For our map lights, we had to put CANBUS resistors inside to avoid them causing codes. If there isn't enough resistance, your map lights would shut off after a short amount of time while your car is on and they won't turn back on until after your car is off. This is why you need bulbs that draw more power so your car will know that the correct bulb is installed and will keep it on when you want it to stay on.

Everything else on the car works flawlessly. It was only the dome and map lights that had issues before.

This information is what we know applies to our LED bulbs. As far as bulbs from other vendors, they will have to provide their own information as we don't know what they buy or where they source their products.

Thanks for reading our ramble. If you guys have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to drop more 411 for you!
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