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Originally Posted by Diseasel View Post
What a load of shit.

TomTom has had this tech for 2-3 years. Not only that its actually provided by TomTom subsidiary.

I would not say BMW SatNav is industry leading. In fact id go as far to say its a pile of shit.

Just last week i sent a google address to my car which the satnav took me a stupid route to and then dropped me 3 miles away at the wrong end of the road.

I had to get my iPhone out and find our where it was. Ironically the iphone knew i was 3 miles away but the car didnt.

Also this isnt a downloadable update and they arent even sure it can be retrofitted. Even if it can you can bet your ass that its going to cost the price of 3 new range topping GPS units you can buy off shelf.

And it still wont have speed cameras either.

Well done BMW Epic Fail.

This nav system really is pretty shitty. The more I use it, the more I encounter issues. Why can I speak into my Android phone using Google maps and have the address come up first time, every time, but the BMW system is in a different state, can't figure out the zip, leaves off the address once it figures out the street, etc? Bollocks.

And instead of figuring out how to route you around traffic, maybe they should update the US maps to figure out how to route you there in the freaking first place? Instead of making you do 6 u turns, etc.