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well, I feel really stupid.

I have not turned on the car since the day I was trying to code. This morning when I turned it on, service error is still there (cabin filter service with 2001 date).
so I proceeded to set the date on the radio and the car's date. (The radio date was empty & car's date was off). after that, the cabin filter service error is still there (with 2001 date). but the other maintenance information are back...

i was browsing around to see if anything was different. i noticed that digital speedometer was there when I did not even code it. when I hit "menu" on the radio, to my surprise Bluetooth was there!!! I could pair my phone.. I tried calling and it seems to work (could not check whether the microphone work; i didn't have anyone to call since it was early in the morning)..

So from this experience, it seems like there is a waiting period for the computers to recognized the coding?? in that logic, maybe after i coded CAS, i should have waited one night to see if it had worked??

I brought the car to a independent bmw service to see if he could reset the cabin filter service error, he tried to reset it without using a computer (through some button sequence of BC button and trip reset button; couldn't really remember the exact sequence since he was doing it pretty fast).. but in the end, it could not be reset due to the date being so far off (2001 while its a 2008 car). So he will need to use his computer to reset it and if that does not work (worse case scenario), the whole car may need to be reprogrammed. Hopefully he does not need to reprogram the car because he mentioned that it would be updated to the newest program and I may not be able to use the NCSexpert anymore.. =)