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Windshield wiper 'chatter' video included - POLL ADDED

Took car in SEVERAL times for this issue. Was told that my arms and such are working just fine. Its the blade itself, BMW blades dont work well apparently. BMW said all they would do is put new blades on, however, this is about the 4th set of blades that have done this. My SA suggested aftermarket blades. I would like to get some aftermarket blades, preferably good ones, like the bosch Icon blades but I cannot decipher if they will fit on my car.

Can someone tell me what sizes or what blades to get for the car? Car is a 2008 E92. I hate, hate hate hate this noise. Turn you volume up a bit, its damn annoying. With some lubrication the noise goes away but that requires me to use the washer fluid all the time. Hope no one else has this issue, because it sucks

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