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Originally Posted by markham335i View Post
i woke up, took a shower and got ready for a midterm im having today... it started off as a normal day until my mom came into my room and said my cars on blocks and some black guys tried to steal my rims... i RANNNN down stairs and found the passenger side on blocks fml i started yelling "wahhh they stole my babbbbyys (brand new19" bbs ch-rs) but my mom came out and told me they were in the house..... apparently my neighbors had heard and called the police, then they called my house and my dad jumped out of bed in his underwear and grabbed his bat and scared the thieves away.. 6 police cars came, a helicopter and 2 sniffing dogs lol.. they blocked off the street for an hour and took most of the thieves shit but i got to keep a couple of things which i took a pic of lol

no damage as far as i can tell but this happened right on my driveway... anyway the goodies:
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I live close by to that area too. Houses in the area are at 350k-850k+
I go to the mall for my Timmy's and fill up gas. Close to me there definitely is at Ferrari, a couple of Porche's, 2 Lotus Elise, 2 Maserati's.
Its not a ghetto area.
I just heard the other day that in that mall at Woodbine and Hwy 16 where they have a Greek restaurant a group was having lunch. Like everyone else ... we place our phones on the table. A group of black guys stood up from their table...snatched 2 iPhones and ran. The people ran after the guys and they got beaten up in broad daylight.
Please note I am not casting stereotypes and just passing info on the story.
This a pattern in Canada..