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Originally Posted by Saturns View Post
I live close by to that area too. Houses in the area are at 350k-850k+
I go to the mall for my Timmy's and fill up gas. Close to me there definitely is at Ferrari, a couple of Porche's, 2 Lotus Elise, 2 Maserati's.
Its not a ghetto area.
I just heard the other day that in that mall at Woodbine and Hwy 16 where they have a Greek restaurant a group was having lunch. Like everyone else ... we place our phones on the table. A group of black guys stood up from their table...snatched 2 iPhones and ran. The people ran after the guys and they got beaten up in broad daylight.
Please note I am not casting stereotypes and just passing info on the story.
fyi, $850k in Toronto gets you 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and, if lucky, a tiny garage. $350K gets you a self storage locker.
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