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Originally Posted by Lenaxia View Post
Hey guys, I was able to solve 95% of my chatter problem.

It's not your windshield that's the problem (though it helps), its the blades themselves, atleast it was for me. I didn't have to replace the blades though.

Take a rag, dampen it a bit and start rubbing at your blades, your rag is going to get a nice black streak on it. Keep rubbing and change positions on the towel to a clean area once in a while. Keep doing this until it is not leaving much of a streak anymore. Voila your blades should not squeak most of the time.

My blades are around 4 years old and only squeak when they first get wet.
I thank you and the others that suggested this. I will do this once the new blades need it. Im really curious to see if the new blades will do it or not. I think its pretty sad that BMW cant give a better answer, other then just putting new ones on. With the amt of people having the problems, I would think they would have done something different by now. As it seems, quite a few people seem to have this problem.
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