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I emailed them yesterday and I got a replied from them saying that it's not in there short term plans. Don't expect anything happening soon. Another disappointment about a sc on our cars.
At this point they are CONSIDERING it. There is nothing definite yet. We need to let them know there is a need. EVERYONE must contact them if we want them to move forward.

And no, it's not going to be done tomorrow. If they do get the go ahead to move forward with development, it's going to take a little time. The goal here is to get them moving on this.

As for the transmission and rear strength etc.
Do you think the E9X M3 was designed to handle 650hp? ESS makes kits up to that HP for that car. The M3 transmission isn't strong enough for the 335D! That's why the 335D only comes with an automatic because the M3 manual isn't rated for 425 ft lbs of torque.
Will there be issues with our cars? Only if you beat the crap out of it.
I can see the clutch being the weakest link. Luckily, Clutchmasters makes clutches for our cars.
About the m3 trannies you are wrong. They are bulletproof. They are made by getrag who also made the trannies in supras (those cars made 1000whp on a stock tranny). The manual trans on the m3 is very reliable and very strong. I don't know where you get your information