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I just want to finish my "speech" with a "confession", for those who call me nazi in the jew crew thread, wich cost me a ban.

A year ago i find my surnames on a list made by the rabbi Haim Levi, it says, and i quote it literally "recognized Jewish blood and descent"

And making a more deep search, i found it in another one, made by Harry Stein (i dont know who is that man) and says is based on sephardic genealogyc investigations.

I dont consider myself a jewish, but seems no question i have some of jew, and i got to say, if its true im very proud of it, although it be a 00000000000'1%

Well, mom and dad comes from cities with a great sephardic heritage, im not surprised at all. And it wont surprise nobody, Spain and jewish history have a great relathionship, read some about it. Im not the only one in Spain or we are just a few persons with jewish ancestry here.


-I agree with a jewish state (peacefully made)

-I never deny the holocaust or things like that.

-Me myself (and i) got jewish blood and im proud

So, please dont call me a nazi or anti-semit no more; i reserve my right to criticize what i think some jewish sectors are doing wrong and to call the things by their proper name, if you are a jew and feels alluded and annoying is your problem, not mine.

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