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Originally Posted by Built My Way View Post
Happy to hear about your brakes. Thanks for the photos and your input. I didnít know that the vacuum line configuration was different in the RHD 3 series. BMW North America really confused matters when they referenced this style of vacuum pipe in their SIB. Iíll be going back to my report to make mention of the RHD config.

Did you happen to notice if the new gasket was larger than the old one? My fear is that the problem may occur again if using the same size gasket.

The new gasket looked pretty much identical and I don't think there was any difference, but I didn't spend a lot of time comparing them. I suspect that the tolerance issues were actually on the check valve and not the gasket. The old gasket did not have any visual damage to it and there were only a slight indentation from the barbs in the rubber gasket.

A new gasket is £3 and the check valve is £17, so for the hasle I just replaced both.