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Originally Posted by Revision2 View Post
I believe all Canadian spec models come pre-wired but I should probably check mine just to be sure. Where did you get a price of $202? I had contacted Mike @ Maranello a few weeks ago about a quote for it (was thinking about getting it if it were relatively cheap) and all the various parts of the retro fit (ex. siren, ultrasonic sensor module, mounting brackets, etc) came to almost $500. Although I'm going to hit up Mike again cause it seems like Tisher sells an OEM E9x alarm system for $265USD but has a different part number. Wondering if there are 2 different kits (pre-LCI and LCI) and I got quoted the LCI one. As for the programming, I was told that it may vary depending how old the software on your car is cause they have to run a full update and can't just pick new modules to add.
um i have an American car so mine could be different.. all i needed to buy was a "alarm harness" w.e that is.. which came to 202.59 plus tax... they also said i had to pay for 1.5hours of programing and install (133$ per hour)

i duno how the parts alone came to 500 for u
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