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Combox Retrofit Attempt! - Too Excited! thank you -=[Patryk@BimmerTech]=-...


Just chatted with Patryk@BimmerTech.


I am so surprised I got some of the stuff working...there is still a lot of work to do. I mis-plugged a connector and there is more wiring.

Patryk@BimmerTech has been super patient with all my questions. What is especially nice is how clear and concise he is with his directions. Very calming--you can feel his confidence, organization, and most importantly, his experience. He always knows the next step and can predict your questions before you even ask! Ya! I'm srs!! This is a stark contrast to my previous experience with another vendor...over there I felt left-in-the-dark, uninformed, and clueless.

I'll be making a new thread once everything is actually, fully installed...


Original Post

I was at a conference when my combox arrived in the mail so I put it on hold at the nearest FedEx facility until I got back.

I got back today and I couldn't wait!

So I pulled out my TCU, plugged in the MEDIA (it's not hard to figure where the main cables go, things only go in one way, and you can just copy off the old TCU format).

Next was coding...and wala!!~~

To be resolved..
  1. I still don't know where some of the leftover TCU cables go -- I know some must belong to the now defunct BMW Assist, but not sure which ones..
  2. I don't know how to route my 6FL to the center console -- right now my 6FL is just chillin' in the trunk lol!!
  3. Have not tried the internet functions...I think I need some bluetooth connectivity with MyWi...will try it out.
  4. text-to-speech -- does not speak street names in navigation-- it's supposed to now, right?
  5. I have a big 'ol SOS not available error whenever I start the car...hahahaha

hopefully when Patryk@BimmerTech gets online I'll be able to figure the rest of the wiring and he'll remote to me and smooth out all the kinks!!

The actual Combox installation was SUPER EASY thanks to Patryk@BimmerTech's proprietary PNP harness! Even I could do it!! I encourage anyone who is even thinking about doing it to pull trigger immediately!! DEWWWW ITTTT!!

Full write up soon! Just too excited had to share!!

and sorry for crappy pics! My hands were shaking from excitement...
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