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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
You will do great in the long-term. Attitude is everything, and don't get discouraged.

Once you get in a good routine, you will likely find your self "needing" to run every few days, else you feel like a big slug

I always say, nothing like a good sweat and some heavy breathing to clear the mind and keep the body happy
Thanks Sam! My positive attitude is like a fuel. I'm trying to to think about pain, but what I will do after it's gone.

Originally Posted by tracer bullet View Post
Agreed to start slowly and work your way up. Even when you feel like you can handle a really long run (in relative terms) because your cardio has become good enough, it doesn't necessarily mean your legs can do it yet.

One thing I always tell people is to know the difference between muscle pains (which usually aren't a big deal) and joint / tendon pains (which are a big deal). Long story short is - if it hurts, don't go.

I have some really old New Balance shoes. There's an entire school of thought (one which makes some sense to me) that less is more. Big fat comfy gel blah blah shoes may absorb impact which sounds good but can cause everything to shift around on that impact, and your ankles and knees can be easily overworked. "Worn out" shoes, or things like the Vibram 5 fingers basically protect your skin on the bottom of your feet but that's about all, and that's all that is needed. Your foot, achilles tendon, and everything else are designed for you to be able to run and cushy shoes just hinder that. I'm not advising this, but it's food for thought. I have tried a few different running shoes over the years and always go back to my worn out NB's as the things that don't make me hurt.

Anyhow start slow and work your way up. You'll get there.

Thank you! Right now, I am just waiting for the pain to go away, trying not to rush.

Is there an easy way to say if it's a muscle pain or joints? The pain is still there, and as before it does not bother me when I walk, but noticeable when I sit or walk stairs.

Originally Posted by ///M Ryder View Post
I could not have said it better. Listening to your body is the best advice I can give you. I ran in my high school days and while on active duty in the Marine Corps. I started back running about 3 years ago and love every mile I log. When I'm gearing up for a marathon or a half I average about 30 miles a week. Unfortunately I'll be sidelined for the 2012 Houston marathon because of a torn meniscus in my right knee . Surgery is scheduled for December so I'll have to relax until early spring. Just a quick recommendation.....the Nike+ website is a great place to start your training. All you'll really need is a sensor and receiver kit. The programs are very good. Good luck to you and keep us posted on how you're progressing .........................Phil
Phil, thank you! Lots of new stuff on Nike+ website. The idea of different programs and tracking everything seems great! I might drive to Nike store and just look at Nike+. Would I have to get Nike+ shoes, or there are any gadgets that will work without them?

Good luck on your surgery!

Originally Posted by H2 View Post
Not to rush things along too much. Have you established any longer terms goals (other than completing a 5K)? Perhaps run a marathon next Fall or the year after? Your first marathon will be something to remember (both for the experience and the accomplishment). Good luck with starting out with your running regimen. Also, if you're intending to track your progress and to keep improving your times, don't be discouraged if you seem to plateau (or even slide back a little). It's all part of the process and it's the long-term trend that counts.
Thank you! Although I'm afraid to plan too far ahead because things have a tendency to go wrong when I do, but running half-marathon would be on my list of goals. And as soon as my pain from rushing things goes away (hopefully it goes away) I am going to resume. I'll also have to check out Nike+ as Phil suggested, which should help with tracking progress.
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