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[quote=[B]Yodaime[/b];10459306]|Warning on ya 335is owners.| Some may have this problem and some may don't. After 18k miles on my car my stock chargepipe finally ripped off. Upgraded to a AA BOV. Now it even runs better than before! Just saying if you get a loss of power and if you gas your car and hear your hood sounds like a air leak that sounds like a water sprinkler than you got that problem. Car is running map 5 on jb4 at 15-17psi now and spitted flames twice tonight. oh yes its running good. Hope this information is helpful since bmw couldn't even figure out what the problem was and I was stupid to bring it there to get it checked out for nothing. Not that hard to take off the snorkel and airbox to check the pipe.

Im pretty much like a pioneer on the 355is LOL! Changed out Downpipes and exhaust, add a tune, filter, BOV. Hopefully me being a sorta like Guinea Pig is helping ya haha!

WOW!!!!! that looks like the picture I took when mine crack at the exact same spot just this past weekend. Thanks for posting . . . you're no longer a Guinea Pig . . . we both are.

I also have pretty much the same setup as yourself: Downpipes and exhaust, add a tune, filter. Now this happened and I"m looking to probably go the same route you did. Thanks again for posting it really helped me out allot!
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