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Just seen your note.

The only way you would get anything back from BMW is to have the dealer submit a claim first and then BMW UK will come back with a gesture of good will. I am guessing the work has been completed and you paid the whole bill?

On the off chance, call BMW UK, ask for the Customer Service Manager and explain the situation. You never know, you may get something...

Also, submit a defect report to VOSA, it may strengthen your case.

Good Luck!

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry to bring this one up again but I filled up my 330d last night and came down to a puddle of diesel on the ground. Took it down to the local BMW dealer who rang me about a hour ago with the good news, breather pipe leaking when it's full and it's gonna cost about 700 for them to fix. I said to go ahead with the work and have just sat down at the computer and come across this forum!

Just wondering if like a few others if it might be possible to claim something back from BMW on this? And who to call? My car's 2005, I've had it about 3 year and bought it privately. I've only used the local dealer once before so can't see them extending me any good will!

Thanks for your help!