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Also if you have DCT man, it won't handle the power at the horsepower peak im at now. I just got a new exhaust on mine. Im thinking of a FMIC and im done. I got a limp the other day. I shutted off the car and turned it on n it went away :O also if you notice how if your in m mode and you press P and it automaticly throws it in P? Mine sometimes do that now. sometimes it like has a problem trying to throw it back in P and it twitches. Too much power into the DCT and it can't handle much. I regret getting DCT now. But other than that it works fine here n there. I got the REMUS US SOUND NOW. and also for your piping I suggest a bov which comes with a forged pipe or just a forged pipe with forged diverter valves. BMW charged me nearly 500+ to FIND THIS PROBLEM and CANT. freaking stupid. I went home n yanked that area out and BAM. and im happy to help out my 335is brothers n sisters. I think we're the fastest 335is right now LOL!
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