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Originally Posted by N54CoupeHP View Post
How can the M3's DCT handle the power but not a modified 335is? I thought they were the same, no?
I don't want to affend you but hey got SMG hahah. Squental manual gearbox or how ever its spelled. that shit and MT 6 is hard as the Earth's core lol. DCT is sorta or i believe so abunch of electronic. Its only made to handle soo much. Till now i notice abunch of stuff since i started modding. when the 335is is stock. I performed PERFECTLY! RESPONSIVE! but now. SOMETIMES there's a tiny lag when you down shift and punch it. and sometimes i can feel the transmission shaking slightly and my rpm sometimes drop from 1.2k-1.3k idle down to 1k and below to 900 rpm. and when it drops down that low sometimes it feels like the car is about to like shut off lol. I can hear it since my exhaust is loud with catless downpipes. also about the pressing the P buttin. usually if your stil in Drive Sport(DS) or Manual (M1 and etc) it usually throws it to park if you press P. now n days when i press it it sometimes throws it half way and twitches in the middle. and then after it twitches for abit. a YELLOW CODE pops up on the screen. and it looks like this


and then when i push it into park after it twitches. problem gone. My bud who's a 11 sec 335i told me himself DCT cannot handle the power if his mods were on my car. the thing is that I DONT KNOW IF ITLL BREAK. BUT I do know that its not the same as it was BRAND NEW AND STOCK. not 100% responsive and not 100% perfect anymore. its like 95-98% now. If you were to calculate by percentage. I don't nor do I have proof of this theory 100% BUT I know my car and I know how it sounds and feel and what it can do from 120-to max. Im boosting(TURBO PSI) around 16-17 now. WITHOUT A FMIC OR METH KIT. Straight bolt-ons with JB4 on autotune map 5. which autotunes to cold weather and mods and air flow and gas octane. I'll let cha know if anything else goes bad. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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