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How do you rotate performance tires?

This doesn't really apply to me in my case because all four of my tire dimensions are 205/55R-16 (standard 325i tires). But I'm just curious about this, and maybe this will help others in deciding to get the performance tires or not. How does one rotate front and back tires after they get like 10,000 miles on them when they are different dimensions? On the 330i with SP, the front tires are 225/40R-18 and the rear tires are 255/35R-18.

I would think the front tires still get more wear than the rear since those front tires are used for steering, so how do you rotate them to balance out the wear? Or, since low profile tires don't have the tread life of regualr tires, is tire rotating not an issue? I had Pirelli P7000 on my old car for the summer and those front tires were always a lot more worn than the rear, but I could easily rotate them because all the dimensions were the same.