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Originally Posted by Yodaime View Post
JB4 which is a piggyback. I heard if I go with like a actual flash like Dinan or some other company, It would work with my car itself and know how to respond to it so I won't have this problem correct? you got your Tune yet bro? The reason why I went with JB4 because of its feature and easiness to install and for its price I picked up a used JB4 upgraded already for like 120 bucks with USB cable. free updates ofcourse and it autotuned to everything. I might go with Dinan or ESS flash. not sure tho. Thoughts?
Just got back from running a 135 with JB4. For the first time every I used LC with the Dinan stage 3 tune. There is something to cover before getting to your point.

There has been numerous reports/post by piggy back users on the 3335is that the LC is just useless. I have confirmed that running a flash tune benefits more from LC than a piggyback tune.

The complaint by piggyback tune users is that they just spin out there is no wheel control. This did not happen with the Dinan flash tune I used. The car adjusted power for traction and when traction was stabalized it gave me my candy and sweet it was.

First run I beat the 135 and then second run, he switched to map 5, I thought I couldn't get LC to work and was nervous from the first run as I saw a side of the car I never expected, so he busted me on the second.

3rd run, my mind is clear and got LC down pact. The dude dropped his hand and away we go. Both side by side when I shifted I would jump ahead each time till I pulled off from a dip in the road. If I had more room I would have pulled ahead of him

The lighter car running 14.5 PSI, per his data log, with a person weighing about 130lb and the heavier car with a person (me) weighing 260. The 135 was totally at the advantage.

The LC worked better with the flash tune dispite the odds I was against.

So this brings to mind about the DCT issue about being over powered by the piggybacks. What is experienced on a piggyback with a 335is more than likely cannot apply as a reality in general as it will not affect the car with a flash tune.

I would recommend going with Cobb AP if I you dont want to spend the money for Dinan. I have Dinan cause I like the convienience, the concept, peace of mind, and I dont have to worry about warranty rebounds.

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