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Originally Posted by spirocheter View Post
You may end up with DPF problems, I certainly love diesel power delivery more than petrol, but would still buy petrol over diesel for short distances. My friend had an X3 2.0d which he drove around Manchester in. I'm not quite sure what happened, though the dngine got coked up so bad it had to be replaced, fortunately under warranty. The bigger six pot engines are barely ticking over at speeds up to sixty. There were problems with inlet manifold valves getting coked then being ingested by the engines, which can be somewhat expensive. If you add something like Millers detergent if you don't have access to premium diesel like Shell or BP, I have heard the lifespan of the catalyst in the DPF is shortened.

If you've not already, test drive a 335I, they too have a tonne of torque, and you can go further with tuning (mind you, I'd personally get an M3 then instead which can be had for very reasonable money).

You have a point there, i really appreciated your advices and examples.

i was looking for DPF problems and solutions on bimmer and general diesel forums right before seeing your message, and i see most of the new model diesel drivers some how facing with this DPF and coked, limb mode etc problems, even high way driver still under risk. (AA saying).

i have read some feedbacks of the DPF removal and some of re quite happy about the result, there r many companies which they do specially DPF removal and map, ofcourse deleting the DPF codes right after so u eventually get rid of the problem, cleaning sounds not a good solution, as changing is very expensive as well, i think its very tough situation.

what do u think about DPF removal?