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You will still have to reset the iDrive to tell it that new pads have been fitted.

Try it with the old sensor. Experience with the 5 series is that there is no rhyme or reason to them - some work after replacement, others don't. Some people only fit genuine BMW sensors after having trouble resetting "pattern" parts. On my 5er, I'd triggered the sensor, (started an 70 mile journey with 2500 miles left, but about 5 miles of spirited driving saw it rapidly go negative!!) but an ECP part sorted it - there was loads left on the pads, probably the aforementioned 2500 miles. The discs, although they looked fine, were actually only just within tolerance, so I swapped them too. It's worth getting a micrometer on the discs when you have the wheel off. Just in case!

I would have recommended EBC Red or Yellowstuff pads, even for road use on standard discs. The lack of dust is uncanny!

I've Redstuff on my 530 (and slotted discs) and the fronts hardly get dirty, whereas the rears (standard pads) are usually black. I have noted that the 335 is a lot dustier than the 5er too - and I'm not pushing it at all.


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