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Originally Posted by AlwynMike View Post
You will still have to reset the iDrive to tell it that new pads have been fitted.

I would have recommended EBC Red or Yellowstuff pads, even for road use on standard discs. The lack of dust is uncanny!

I've Redstuff on my 530 (and slotted discs) and the fronts hardly get dirty, whereas the rears (standard pads) are usually black. I have noted that the 335 is a lot dustier than the 5er too - and I'm not pushing it at all.


does re seting the idrive require it to be connected up to a laptop and using software?
sorry if i am asking dumb questions but I am just thinking I can probably replace the pads myself but if it requires re setting then I may as well get my local indi to fit them and rest it as i dont have the necessary sofwatre/cable etc