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After mine was in at the stealers for a new ecu that couldnt wait to tell me the brakes needed doing & proably though they would get the job. Car goes in for a new ecu & leaves needing new discs & pads all round & whilst in the dealers the warning light just happened to "come on".

Told them to leave them. Bought my own discs & pads (ebc yellow stuff) & me & my mate did them along with the brake fluid. Guess what ?? the sensor to the rear brake was unplugged. Two seperate trips to the dealers & 2 sensors left off. I'm personally coonvinced they were looking for work. Theiving bastards.

The idrive can be reset but I think you do it through the trip meter button. Cant remember what the combo was but tried a couple of different methods(search youtube) before I got it to work.

Get me Laptop back tomorrow with multiple diagnostic software on it so quite exited