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First of all, I would like to thank Dave, the Parts Dept guru @ Circle BMW for starting the ball to move forward. Tim @ the Service Dept who specializes in M sport and performance parts and the shop foreman installing this software. My local dealership which I will remain nameless was clueless and inexperienced to do the install. I had to go to Circle BMW whom had done several installs to make this happen.

As of my impressions over the weekend: noticeable lower resonance from the moment the engine starts, driving it: under various conditions of a typical NYC rush hour traffic on Friday evening, open road spritied accelerations that hit high rate of speed easily, rolling start accelerations from 5-60 mph and just driving it easy, I was very satisfied. Compared to stock, the motor finally came to life. The response when needed is near instaneous, the engine tach revs to the redline under heavy pedal to the metal, the oil temps were never over 250 during all the hard acceleration and the needle never touched 240 while cruising on the highway. Finally, thank you BMW of NA for releasing this product to your customers who want a little more oomph on their 335i's