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Originally Posted by sean90 View Post
guys plz help me out.
from couple month ago, when I push the gas(specially in low RPMs) some strange sound coming out from engine. sounds like whistling and the tone of the sounds are changing depends on how much i push. Some of my passenger said sounds like ambulance approaching from far distance.
is it problem of charge pipe ??

When you cruise its fine right? when you throttle it past about 10-20% it hisses and your basically not going anywhere right? when you cruie you dont boost so your turbo doesnt work as much. once past 1200 rpm is when boost kicks in. ofcourse if you throttle under 10% then theres no boost lol. sounds simple? do it yourself because the dealership will f u in the ass with no lube trying to solve such a simple problem. you can do it yourself bro it ain hard.
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