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JB3 Acceleration Testing

Hi All,

I decided to do a comparison pull with my JB3 Stage 1 set from (+) 0-5.5 boost over stock. I really wanted to see which is the sweetest spot using 93 Oct without any other mods.
I know a dyno may produce better results but I wanted to compare in real world driving. The tool used is Dynolicious app for iPhone. After many practice runs, I am convinced that it is quite a good tool.
Based on the numbers, it seems that +4.5 is the best setting as Terry suggests. However, it's odd that +5.5 produced better times than +5. I'm sure doing 3 pulls per setting would've given me a better average but I didn't want to push my luck. Anyways, check out the results and see if you can spot anything else

Edit: I forgot to note that acceleration was done by simply flooring the gas pedal. I wanted to see how car reacts to throtttle input and minimize wheelspin (Traction Control was partially off). Only column K was using brake boost and done on a better/diff day.
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