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Originally Posted by bkM3 View Post
the problem with this is that every time an offer is made to the palestinians it is declined and they start to blow up buses. Israel has made so many concessions to the palestinians and all they have to show for it is more dead israelis. a 2 state solution is ideal in theory, the only problem is that only one side here really wants peace, the other wants the opposing side to be completely wiped off the face of the earth.
Fallacies and Strawman rhetoic.

The closest time peace was nearly obtained as Israel was attempting to have fair negotiations, Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a batshit crazy zionist.

Thereafter, the goal-post was moved repeatedly. If you want to bring up the bullshit offer Arafat was offered, it was a giant virtual prison where Israel controlled borders, airspace, critical resouces, continued IDF presense on Palestinian land, did not allow defense amongst a host of other bullshit clauses. Wow, such a fair offer sign me up.

Netanyahu is a known Zionist who is intent on claiming all of Palestine for Israel. This is clearly evident with the continued settlement expansions recognized worldwide as illegal.

Get your Racist banter out of here. Israel clearly has the ability to want peace as they could crush any Military in the ME as they have shown in the past. The present Israeli administration does not want peace and you are a fool which you have proven, if you believe the drivel you spew.