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Originally Posted by Gregxi View Post
I wish it was someone else than the 49ers, I still think they are impostors in a shitty division.
Well to be quite honest, I haven't seen a more emotionally devoid performance from a QB in the NFL outside of Jay Cutler (and that's not a dig at him, that's just how the guy appears to be). Normally Stafford shows some sort of emotion or "moxie", but even on the final couple of drives, he just looked like he stopped giving a shit and wanted to go home. This is probably because the Niners have a good pass rush, and quite frankly Jeff Backus and Gosder Cherilus absolutely suck as pass protection. You could tell Stafford was getting pissed about SF being able to get to him with a three man rush, simply by running around those two neanderthals. I would have been pissed too.

They have a good defense and a good running game, along with a QB who (so far) has been pretty good about keeping the ball safe. They have a coach who loves to win. They're not impostors.

As ridiculously out-of-line as Schwartz's reaction to Harbaugh was, I was glad to see it, as I saw a team with no emotion or heart in that fourth quarter. Someone needs to light a fire under Stafford's ass because right now he's acting like it's not his job to lose. He straight gave up at the end of that game, and any coach who doesn't literally ream him a new one in front of his teammates is a bad coach.

I saw the old, loser Lions in that fourth quarter. It was not something I've seen in a while. Hopefully they get rid of that shit.