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HK bimmer fans-Your impression of the F30? And how many versions (i.e. 328i) for HK?

Now that the F30 is unveiled, what is your HK take on it? Like it? Hate it? So-so?

I think that headlight connection to the grill is actually quite a bold move on BMW's part, being partly retro, partly inspired by the vision efficient dynamics model. Considering how the 3 series tend to be a pretty conservative design (being the bread-and-butter car), I'm pleasantly surprised that BMW was brave enough to add some flare and passion to it. On the other hand, it does look a bit like a squashed E90 from some angles. So I'll have to see it in person.

How many versions of the F30 3 series do you think we will we get in HK? And the price? Yes, probably more expensive than the E90 but by how much?

Most important of all, how will it perform and handle? The typical HK status buyer might not care too much about this aspect, but I bet you all do.