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Originally Posted by lync9763 View Post
i remember seeing this, but it's too M3-standard for such a price tag... if i'd expect to pay $2,000 (not including paint), i'd expect to gain at least 1.5"- 2" on each side...

in a lot of cases, you can get a custom widebody for cheap(er) anyway when you go for a full paint job...
yeah stock m3 doesn't even look wide compared to non-m. for us who actually own the cars in question, we scrutinize, so we can see the difference. for others, it all looks the same, especially on dark colored cars.

from a functional standpoint, M fenders are good enough i suppose. i think people can fit up to 275 up front with 18" wheels. no reason to go wider

people are getting 305 in the rear on stock m3 fenders, so there's no reason to go wider there either.