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Bluetooth Pairing Problem

I'm wondering whether anyone else has had problems with the bluetooth functionality on their E90. Since taking delivery of my 06 325xi, the bluetooth feature for the most part does not work. The frustrating part about this is that occasionally it does work. 9 times out of 10, my phone, a Verizon / Motorola E815 (and is listed by BMW as a compatible phone) does not pair with the car. When it does pair, it works very well and does not drop the connection. However, once the key is removed and the car is again started, the phone will not pair until a number of times in which the car is started and stopped.

I've already made 3 trips to the dealer and have just scheduled my fourth appointment. The dealer recently replaced the telematics control unit which supposedly controls the bluetooth connection as well as the BMW assist function. When I got the car back there was no change - sometimes bluetooth works but mostly it doesn't.

Has anyone had a similar experience and could possibly provide some guidance?