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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
keep the leaves and i will post the challenge when i complete a challenge..
approving creates a precedent and then everyone can do it. this eliminates the "challenge" aspect but then again its the e9x picture game and not challenge game

i'm ok with either, going out for coffee.. hope we have a verdict when i return
Originally Posted by bkr335 View Post
Wait wait wait. Let's not throw the rules out the window to keep the game going lol. It was always the policy that the photo couldn't pre-date the particular challenge. I had ones I could've posted in the past that were already on my phone and I remember looking into this, although now I don't have the time to dig through the thread to find out where it was stated.

We should stick to our guns on this one (battleship pun!).

I'm with panicos - we can't set this sort of precedent!
I didn't get what panicos said, I think he needs a coffee. :P

[edit] i'm being protective of the stupid leaves challenge but i'm totally down with the idea that pre-dated photos do not qualify - i also had a few pretty good ones that could've qualified for past challenges, and i didn't use them. so the challenge stays open.