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There are side effects they will bite you if your not ready.

Upgrading the head unit is a drastic step in modern cars
these days because there not just head units anymore.

Your upgrade path will be dependent on what system you start out with
there are three possibility's.

This is dated but at least don't throw away/sell your old head unit.

Originally Posted by psychoactive View Post
Oh, is the OEM deck part of the optical buss thing that if I remove one item, every device on it will stop working?
Thanks again!
It's not easy to replace the headunit in e9x.
This are findings about it (I have Eur Spec car)

The problems with removal of the MID ( it's not just a headunit).
1) You will have to replace all Amps and probably the speakers(for l7)
2) You will lose the OEM bluetooth, cd changer (if you have it)
3) You will lose the PDC (sounds cames from the speakers)
4) Steering wheel buttons
5) The dealer wont be able to upgrade/diagnose the software in the car

5) There isn't solution yet, just keep your OEM headunit and install it when you need to upgrade/diagnose the car software.

There was thread on here recently of a guy that bought a car that had
a aftermarket unit and no OEM head unit
He had to have an anitlock break sensor replaced it needed new software values and it couldn't be written to the cars computers
do to the OEM head unit not being installed in the car.
Some people just swap there old unit in when they need something like
this done. Others mount it somewhere else in the car to avoid these problems.
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