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That's one side. It is clear that blowing up buses needs to stop. Calling for the defeat of Israel certainly doesn't help create a 2 state solution. Palestinian extremists certainly aren't helping. It would also help if Palestinians would quit fighting amongst themselves in factions.

If would also help the creation of a 2 state solution if:

1) The Palestinians would stop annexing more and more Israeli land.
2) The Palestinians would stop illegally transferring their citizens into occupied territory.
3) The Palestinians would stop blockading Israel.
4) The Palestinians would stop calling for "Haaretz Israel", where all of the West Bank and Israel described by Talmudic historic tradition would all belong to the Jewish "Chosen Ones", and Arabs who do not agree to live as second-class citizens would be forcefully deported or killed.
5) The Palestinians would stop saying that there is no such thing as a "Palestinian", and that Palestinians should all leave Israel and the West Bank and go live in Jordan.
6) Palestinian Rabbi's should stop saying Jews are justified by the Talmud to kill even innocent Muslim children if their existence gets in the way of Jews returning to rule over "Eretz Yisrael" (Greater Israel, including all the West Bank).
7) The Palestinians would stop their "Price Tag" attacks on Arab villages every time the Israeli gov't tried to enforce Israeli law on settlers.

Oh wait, scratch "Palestinians" from that list, and replace it with "Israelis". Israel also has it's own long list of things it is doing to perpetuate the conflict, just like the Palestinians. It's own long list of ugliness and rejection of solutions, including killing their own leader to stop peace.

BOTH sides have elements who are actively working on removing the other from the land. BOTH sides have people who say the other side has no legitimate claim to any land, and the other side should be removed or killed.

So what does it matter for creating 2 states, that both sides have historic complaints about the other? Yup, they both have done things wrong they should have done different. Time to move past that and implement 2 states and move forward from everything that has happened in the past.

Each side has complaints about the other side. But neither side's complaints invalidates the right for the other side to live in peace on their own land.
Theft of land also needs to stop and so does illegal occupation of stolen land. There are also over 600 resolutions that need to be addressed as well by Israel.