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Originally Posted by Joshboody View Post
Nice runs!!!!

Hey, I ran your datalog through the virtual dyno, but somethings not right. You have different tires then stock? Sports package?
I've never used the virtual dyno. Are uou using the right gear in the calculations? The datalog shows a 3-4-5 run, not a 2-3-4 run.

That said, it does appear that a 6MT is a bit better suited for 60-130runs than the 6AT since it only needs to do one shift to hit 130mph while still being in the powerband. And with a 6MT+upgraded turbo you will be making good power all the way to redline AND require 1 less shift AND get a torque multiplying gearing advantage towards the end of the run (4th vs 5th gear). That said, I'd be curious to compare this run to Dzenno's from 60 to ~120mph (ie, just before sikh335 upshifts into 5th).

That aside, i think there this car is capable of high 8s with a bit more prep. Maybe some basic weight reduction and lighter wheels/tires would do the trick. Would even be worth going down to (or maybe under) sea level. I don't think the slight altitude here is having too much of an effect. But at this point, every hundredth of a second counts I suppose


ps. sihk335 is running the 10-18 Stg 3 Aggressive v5 maps at the default settings. Same map that I emailed out to you and several others earlier this week. I've been getting a lot of datalogs emailed to me from beta testers. I'll try to post a bunch up later today. Looks like they are working well across the board.

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