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Originally Posted by Wild Squid View Post
Sorry to hear this, I could have told you to stay away from BMW SF. Absolutely one of the worst dealerships i have ever stepped foot into. I've visited them only several times to look at cars and every single time was ignored by anyone and everyone. It appears they only have time to deal with rich white boy trust fund baby types, or you must be a middle aged white guy that appears to be a Market St. suit. The atmosphere in there was if you didn't fit their ideal profile they didn't have the time to deal with you. So I went to their toilet and upper decked it with remnants of a Super mexican burrito and corn and cheese. I then sat in several showroom cars and hacked a loogie and spat it on the seat next to me. I fucking despise car dealers who think they are better than you just because they work in a bit of a upscale showroom or dealership brand.
So what you're saying is you're just as bad as they are?? Is that correct?