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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
I've never used the virtual dyno. Are uou using the right gear in the calculations? The datalog shows a 3-4-5 run, not a 2-3-4 run.
OP has different tire diameter, so with the right diameter should be close to actual. Downhill helps of course.
Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
ps. sihk335 is running the 10-18 Stg 3 Aggressive v5 maps at the default settings. Same map that I emailed out to you and several others earlier this week. I've been getting a lot of datalogs emailed to me from beta testers. I'll try to post a bunch up later today. Looks like they are working well across the board.
I know need to test my meth flow first, before loading these monsters. Due to my slightly higher elevation, Im going to knock boost down a little and add maybe a deg more retard in the mid-range. Im always very conservative. but really looking forward to it, and saying a little prayer for my clutch.

The OPs trims and AFR look great!