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if you get brave or bored, you could look up the DIY for fixing the door actuator. Its in the DIY forum on this site.

basically you remove the door panel without destroying it. then undo some cables and connectors...

behind the door panel theres a plastic vapor barrier that is sealed to the door with some nasty black rubber goolike caulk material, i just cut through the caulk with a razor blade, it will press back together after so no worries.

there are some funky torx bits you need to remove the door panel behind the trim, so have those on hand before you start.

one that panel is off you should be able to see better what is wrong.

this is kind of a small pain in the ass so you could try changing out fuses first. some people have replaced the original fuse with a higher amperage one with some success.

you can buy the lock actuators on ebay for $50. its a pain to actually remove and reinstall because you are working inside the door and it is cramped.