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2007 E93 335i with Methanol Injection and Nitrous

After installing it for over two years and waiting on SHiv to integrate, which evidently never happened, two weeks ago I finally grabbed my balls and tried it out for the first time ever, as it was killing me that it was hooked up and never used..Without any safety that Procede would initiate and trigger the nitrous spray, I decided with a small shot and the triggering would be a WOT micro switch and a "GO FAST" button that I would press for nitrous to trigger.. I was still apprehensive in triggering the nitrous the way I have it set up now because I am a NEWBIE to nitrous, but with the small power I have it set up for, it made me feel a little more comfortable to try it out. Originally I was looking for max power out of nitrous with Procede integration but that never happened so I went the route of small gains just to try it out and see what a small shot would do for me!..WELL.....
.Good god I am now addicted to nitrous!! First it was meth and now nitrous Power is unbelievable even though its such a small shot but funny thing is even with a .09 jet you feel it when it kicks in big time...I am going to up it to .14 and call it a day..I am a enthusiast with my car and not looking to drag the car for guts and glory of fastest times, as many will say why install nitrous when your not taking advantage of the power it can produce.. I am happy with the little power that its producing at a very safe level IMO.. I could care less about optimal performance of nitrous or having the reigns of the most HP for a N54 or best 1/4 mile, but want to make the car fun and fast for my enjoyment all while being as safe as possible! Its a POWER trip if anything for people like that IMO and thats not what I am all about..The car is so smooth when nitrous kicks in and the motor revs so freely without any effort...With meth you get a nice smooth kick but think of it as another added little kick to what you experienced with meth the first time testing it..So now runs without nitrous I actually feel the car slower (well its not slow by any means, but to me it does now since you get a taste of nitrous)
Logs show everything working perfectly...DO7 main and M10 power nozzles seems to keep timing looking nice when nitrous is sprayed
I can imagine what a jet size of .37 or .41 would feel like that some of the JB users spraying nitrous feels like!
For me thats all I will go is .14 Not messing around with larger power than that because thats when shit can go wrong really fast.
Every opportunity I see with open roads, I want to open the bottle and let loose and its so easy since I have a remote bottle opener hooked up!!! It seems that I cant even drive the car normal now and cruise anymore...Meth inecting and watching the hazards lighting up for flow with Procede ontop of a red led lighting up for when nitrous and power nozzle kicking in, all while pressing the "go fast button" is so god damn addictive and adrenaline filled rush!
I would recommend nitrous but only if your going with a small jet and looking for only a small HP increase like me. If your looking for like max power then you better make sure you know what the hell your doing!
The greatest part of all this is that a NITROUS filling station is only 13 blocks away from my house!!! Before I found out about this place I had to drive an hour away to fill the bottle.
Here are pics of my install
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