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Today I decided to give a shot at the 6FL rear wiring. I am REALLY sick of opening my trunk and plugging in my iPhone before I get into the car

How to Rewire? Well I did a search on e90post for 6FL Retrofit, and found this post by Technic:

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Print this, take it to your dealer and ask them if they have it:
It's also attached below. I took a gander at the PDF and basically it tells you to route it through the side of the car.

Sounds good. But just one thing...the rear seats are in the way.

So let's break it down

Remove all your Stuff from the Trunk.
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Pick a side to route the cable. Orthodox way is on the left. I found the right side easier for whatever reason. I'm right handed, that's probably why.

Remove the black trunk liner plugs. They just pop up with a trim removal kit or screw driver. You will need to remove two of them, then just push the trunk liner down.

Next, remove the bottom half of the rear seat. Just lift up and it pops off. Very simple.
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Then, get a T-50 screw driver and remove the two center bolts. They are tucked in, so you will have to lift up the seat cushion a little to reach.

Originally Posted by Tierfreund View Post
climb in the boot with a screwdriver facing upwards to the parcel shell. Find the (almost hidden) unlocking holes (one left, one right) for the rear seats (just a hole on the metal with a lever behind them) and move the lever outwards to unlock the rear seat back. Itīs a so called emergency release latch (donīt ask me why itīs called that since there still are the bolts at the lower part of the seat). That release latch is really hard to find and even after youīve found it itīs really hard to figure out what to move where, but once youīve done it, itīs easy.

I made a video:

Once you have remove the latches, just pull the rear seat towards you and it will give way.

You will now see a clear gap from the trunk to the rear compartment. Reroute your wire
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At least my wire is now in the cabin. Here is how it looks
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I think I need a T-30 to continue with the 6FL rerouting. So once I get that I'll give another update
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