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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
Could you do a comparison pull video from 60mph? Nitrous vs No nitrous.
How much hp does your 0.14 shot release?
Could this be done on a completely stock car just with a JB4 tune safely?

HP increase of a .15 jet I would think no more than 20-30HP gain. Guys running max power of nitrous are using a .36 to .41 nozzle yielding them up to 100-125 hp. As for running on a completely stock car running JB4, I would NOT run nitrous even if it was a small shot because there needs to be added fueling for the nitrous for safety. IMO you would need to add a methanol injection system. With everthing stock and a methanol injection a small shot of nitrous would be perfect but dont go beyond .14, plus JB4 has nitrous integrated already so it would be even safer for sure than my setup if you did go larger in jet sizing! Let me tell you, nitrous is definitely a nice power adder for sure, just dont be greedy with it like others running larger jet sizes looking for OPTIMAL power!

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