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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Now just imagine a FBO+meth 135i with a .41 jet and serious weight reduction.... that car was SCARYY.

I'm really getting tempted to try nitrious out, I toyed with the idea all summer and I think once spring kicks around I'm gonna throw in some nitrous.

I'd be curious to know how much of a power kick you're really getting out of it.
I cant even imagine weight reduction and a 135i with a .41 jet!! This is something that I will leave for the nitrous junkies out there like Kenneth CBR335 and Hotrod and couple more people running the higher jets of .38 and above looking for max power. I am not going any where near those jet sizing as my setup is suitable for my purposes!
As for power kick its not like the movies but you notice a slight definitive push when nitrous kicks in, I can imagine the larger jets the push you get when it kicks in..That must be a nice feeling for sure