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Originally Posted by Sparky66 View Post
To see at what rate your battery is charging at, open the INPA program>> E90>>ENGINE>>MSD80>> Status(F5)>>PM-IBS>>PM FIELD 2 . Under the PM Field option look at the ah reading registered, to see what it's set at to charge your battery at present. If it's incorrect, you need to code the CAS>>KLASSE_BATTERIE>>**ah to your battery spec. Once you have done this, re-register your battery using the Tool32 program. Then go back into INPA and check the PM Field 2, to see if the new ah reading has been registered.
I have replaced my 90Ah AGM battery with new BOSCH S5 110Ah and tried to register it:
- in NCS Expert I changed the value KLASSE_BATTERIE in CAS module to 110Ah (if I read the module again the new value is set and correct)
- in Toolset 32 I opened MSD80 and executed jub steuern_batterietausch_registri and the status was OK (I also tried with MSV70 and MSV80)

But when I check the PM Field 2 in INPA there is still 91Ah as it was before. I also tried B TAUSCH in INPA and also repeated the process.

I dont know why it is 91Ah when it was 90Ah battery installed, but shouldnt I see 110Ah now?

I have E61 2006. Is the procedure different? Or where could be the problem?

Thank you for your suggestions!