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Originally Posted by ncoig
I may have to ask you to do this, as I am not sure where else to turn for information. OC simply says "En Route", the 800 number says "In transit", as does my dealer. Further, my salesman doesn't know how to retrieve any additional information. BMWNA has given me two different "Reached POE" dates, so I don't know what to rely on, WW doesn't track using my VIN, so I'm lost!

All I know for sure is that my production was complete on the 22nd of November, and since I'm in Louisiana, it should be coming in thru Charleston. Any idea how to get any more information on this?


Contact your sales rep for the most update info re: you order. He/She can also provide you with the name of the ship your E90 is on if it is acutally in transit. According to Wallenius Wilhelmsen the last ship to leave Bremerhaven for Charleston departed on 11/28. There has not been another ship to depart for Charleston since then. The Courage is to depart on 12/08, but the date has already been changed 3 times.