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Originally Posted by yoko kai View Post
I think I've gone through the posts too fast I think I past my answer, got a headache from coming home from work and wanted to know before I sleep.

On the website the $60 kit, includes all lights for the entire interior plus trunk? And I see the current thread the 12 LED is going to be free this weekend? Or the shipping is free?

Difference between the 12 and 18, more brighter? And what is "no ghetto tape" excuse my ignorance I'm barely awake right now.

Interested with the license plate LED also.

Main question is lighting, it's 5000k or 6000k? whitish light or with bluish hue?

Right off the bat this is a very good deal.

PM details please quote 94577 or should I rather order from the website.
Hey there, this weekend were offering free shipping and free upgraded domelights to the 12 led with no tape. So for $ 60.00 you will get free shipping free upgraded domelights! . The color is 6k and it is PURE white with no hints of blue.

Send payment to with the details and it will be out Monday!!