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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
WOW INFAMOUS, Thanks bro. I hear you, I'm pickin up what your puttin down. Sometimes the artist with a creative mind (not mentioning names PETER) can't take the constructive criticism LMFAO.

1st n only e92 is what we were shooting for! Come on SOMEBODY!!
yvw bro. as long as u luv it, thas all that really matters.

n ya, def the 1st n only e92 w/ this specific color...
cuz technically i kno of an e90 (in Russia) n a e91 (in Sweden) w/ similar sky/baby/ice blue color wrap. i hav proof...

Originally Posted by bmwaddict View Post
damn im not trying to but i think you guys should like at this one too. btw i love your car....very unique
dude, u def thread jack'd, DELETE THAT PIC ASAP!!!

Originally Posted by E90MCF View Post
First and ONLY BMW you mean!

Pffft I can't take constructive criticism!?!?

My response was sarcastic hahahah cause I don't care about all these guys jumping on the 'unfinished' tow and headlight washer covers doesn't look good bandwagon. Hate or dislike all you want, but this look is different from an other wrap and we're the first to pull it off.

Maybe it's supposed to make one feel better if their opinion whether it be negative or not, affect the end product of another persons representation of their style. I just laugh my ass off at all you guys always telling other people what and how to do things. . . Even worse those guys admitting that they did something that was based on someone else's opinion
no offense but ofcourse u can't take constructive criticism... i mean -sarcasm or not- jus look @ ur response.
r u seriously tak'n mine n every1 else's opinion as hate? cum on now bro...
shiet, if u wrapp'd his car 'pink' n if i said "i don't like it, TAKE IT OFF!", would that mean i'm hat'n? umm no, jus bein honest n most importantly try'n 2 look out.

plus, this's a discussion forum n people r gon say how they feel whether u like it or not...
we're ALL entitl'd 2 express how we feel, if u can't except that fact then i don't kno wut 2 say.
lastly, i'm not ask'n/tell'n u 2 cover up those pieces, jus say'n wut i'd prefer.

btw, u did a phenomenal job on the wrap n i applaud u 4 the flawless outcome.

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