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Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
yvw bro. as long as u luv it, thas all that really matters.

n ya, def the 1st n only e92 w/ this specific color...
cuz technically i kno of an e90 (in Russia) n a e91 (in Sweden) w/ similar sky/baby/ice blue color wrap. i hav proof...

dude, u def thread jack'd, DELETE THAT PIC ASAP!!!

no offense but ofcourse u can't take constructive criticism... i mean -sarcasm or not- jus look @ ur response.

r u seriously tak'n mine n every1 else's opinion as hate? cum on now bro...
shiet, if u wrapp'd his car 'pink' n if i said "i don't like it, TAKE IT OFF!", would that mean i'm hat'n? umm no, jus bein honest n most importantly try'n 2 look out.

plus, this's a discussion forum n people r gon say how they feel whether u like it or not...
we're ALL entitl'd 2 express how we feel, if u can't except that fact then i don't kno wut 2 say.
lastly, i'm not ask'n/tell'n u 2 cover up those pieces, jus say'n wut i'd prefer.

btw, u did a phenomenal job on the wrap n i applaud u 4 the flawless outcome.
Proof or it doesn't EXIST!

No I can take it, but its so annoying and repetitive to see the same 'opinions' 20 times in the first 5 pages. Isn't it? . . . Anyways black mirrors, trim, covers, roof are my trademark

I am actually very sarcastic, ask the locals about me in person. Lmfao

I just laugh at how you all jump on the same boat(I.e. have the exact same opinions) and it is too boring for me and the people around me I got a few more cars coming out asap along with mine completely re-done. Like any of your opinions or 'the way you'd do thing' matter anyways! Har har!

P.S. Tanks a lot!
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