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In a little bit of a revival of this thread since there might be some out there who have not gotten the paddles to work with simply a VO add and proper wheel-

I have a 2011 335d. After quite a bit of comparison to oem equipped and not equipped 2XA cars, and after extensive extensive examination of wiring schematics as it pertains to the paddles/slip ring/steering module/JBE/tranny module, there are 2 important wires missing which go from the output of the JBE (junction box, which is behind glove compartment) into a harness plug and then to the transmission module. Input side wiring coming from JBE into this plug is missing even though output side wiring going to tranny is present.

Just discovered this saturday and it will take a couple of days to obtain proper connector pins and wire correctly to try out and see if it works.

I'll follow up then.