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Originally Posted by MetsFan View Post
Wow, I didn't think I'd make it this far. Thanks for the votes!

I did take this at a zoo, but I figured a rock is a rock so I apologize if my photo didn't meet the requirements.

Chewy, I threw my vote in for you Awesome pic!
Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
I think they were referring to the wooden 2x4 in the foreground, as opposed to the rock.
I was actually referring to the rock. It's actually cast concrete made to look more natural. Some times these contests are real sticklers for the rules and sometimes they are more lax. But typically deciding if a photo fits the rules or not is at the discretion of the person who came up with the theme.

Also we all judge photos on different criteria. For me the subject has less to do with my choice than many others. I tend to choose the photos that move me a bit and then judge them on the technical aspects of the image; composition, color, focus, DOF, etc... So don't take my comments to heart. (besides, your pic got 2x as many votes as mine! )

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