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Hey guys,

I have been talking with Andrew from DTUK since I got my tuning kit to arrange a bit of a group buy price to get Aussies using his product. As many of you have seen, the product is bound to become the standard for in-warranty tuning on our beloved Diesels! In fact, the CRD-T has same or better results as chip-tuning.

As for the PedalBOX, this unit will give better throttle response on all vehicles, I will order a unit to give a bit of a review, I personally haven't used one of these units yet!


If you want more information on the CRD-T, check out the official product website

Normal RRP: $565 AUD

Group buy price: $495 AUD (including shipping)

Saving: $80 AUD!


For more information on the PedalBOX, please check out the official website

The PedalBOX works on ALL BMW's, you don't need a diesel!

Normal RRP: $310 AUD

Group buy price: $249 AUD (including shipping)

Saving: $61 AUD!

How will the group buy work?
If you are interested in buying a unit or multiple units, just send me a PM to make arrangements. We will be having the units shipped from the UK every time we hit $1000 AUD worth of orders. This would be the equivalent of x2 CRD-T's, or x1 CRD-T + 2 PedalBoxes etc etc.

We are doing it this way as we will not have to pay GST on orders that come into the country under the $1000 AUD mark.

Due to them shipping quite regularly, I will ask for full payment of each order before I order from the UK.

If you are in Sydney, you can get them from me directly, or we can meet anywhere between the city and Strathfield.

If you are outside Sydney or cannot meet in the areas above, it will be $20 AUD to have the item couriered to you, anywhere in Australia.

If you are ordering $1000AUD worth of products in a Single order, we can have them shipped directly from the UK to you (if you prefer).

Can I have the unit fitted to my car?
I am happy to fit the CRD-T for free for anybody in Sydney or $20 for the PedalBOX (Im sure I will change this to free once I install a couple of units!). I'm sure there will be volunteers in any other part of the country once we start getting the units in.

Will I have warranty on the units?
The invoices for the units can either be in your name from DTUK or I can give a photocopy of the original for your own records. The warranty on the units is 3 years.

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